Social Responsibility

Since 2008, our Growing Greener Generations journey continued to grow and beautify the Cape. We have seen and supported numerous tree planting and vegetable gardening projects in disadvantaged schools. From educating growing minds, to creating shaded and beautiful playgrounds, Reliance is committed to a greener generation.

Being one of the few South African carbon neutral businesses; to date credits generated, and/or income derived thereof, has mainly been used to support local communities and to build sustainable environments, by providing job opportunities, donating compost, and offering “Know How.”

Not only have the number of trees and gardens grown, but so have those in employment. From a starting staff of 20, we now employ just under 200. We have also established 6 new independent businesses, on City owned drop­off facilities, managing incoming garden refuse. We are proud to say that our job creation projects now support more than 500 people from previously disadvantaged communities.

We are actively involved in donating compost to NGO’s, daycare centres and sport fields. Reliance is a member of the 110% Green Flagship project, an important initiative of the Western Cape Government, calling on organisations to commit to the Green Economy, by committing to it, acting on it and making an impact. Reliance values its partnerships with other like-minded businesses, such as Greenpop, Oranjezicht City Farm and City Sightseeing, to only name a few. Reliance also support Greenpop’s Trees for Zambia reforestation and eco-education festival of action each year in Livingstone (area with a deforestation rate of 250,000 to 300,000 hectares per year) – a must experience for all!