Product Description (Updated 22 October 2018) Web Price (ZAR)
5mm compost R500
12mm compost R400
30mm compost R270
50mm compost R230
Unscreened compost R220
Unscreened mulch R160
Potting Mix R450
Topsoil Mix with (washed sand) R390
Topsoil Mix with (corona sand) R270
Lawndressing with (washed sand) R520
Lawndressing with (corona sand) R400
Bowling Mix R550
Raw bark unscreened R390
Raw bark 50mm R400
Raw bark 30mm R440
Raw bark 12mm R490
Composted bark unscreened R448
Composted bark 30mm R519
Composted bark 12mm R543
Bark scrapings unscreened R400
Wood chips unscreened R390
Wood chips screened R440
Premium 12mm compost  R550
Premium 5mm compost  R650
Premium 30mm compost  R370

30L Bag Prices < 500 bag/mnth
Soil & Plant conditioner (12mm or 30mm or 50mm)  R19.84
Potting Mix R22.48
Topsoil R22.48
Bark all R25.79
Lawn Dressing R22.48
Premium Lawn Dressing  R30.42
Premium 12mm compost R30.42
Premium Potting Mix  R30.42

Delivery > 200bags per order in 50km radius is  free of charge.

Delivery > 200bags per order over 50km radius charged at transport rate.


For a complete quotation or for premium product in bulk, please contact one of our Sales Agents, or the Reliance Office at, 0861 888 784.